How much can you win on

Earn big with high multipliers!

betPeekers lets you predict the price movement of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB) with multipliers up to 500x. Here’s a breakdown of how your potential winnings are calculated:


  • You bet 1 BNB on Bitcoin (BTC) to increase in value within 5 minutes (using the 100x multiplier).
  • If BTC increases by 0.5% within the timeframe, you earn a profit of 0.005 BNB.
  • The multiplier kicks in! Your profit becomes 0.005 BNB * 100 = 0.5 BNB.
  • Please note: A 20% surcharge is applied to winnings after the multiplier: 0.5 BNB * 0.2 = 0.10 BNB.
  • Your final payout: 0.5 BNB (profit) – 0.10 BNB (surcharge) = 1.40 BNB.

This example shows a potential 40% profit in just 5 minutes!

How much can you lose?

Losses are calculated similarly, but with the opposite outcome. Using the same example:

  • If BTC decreases by 0.5%, your loss is 0.005 BNB.
  • Applying the 100x multiplier, your loss becomes 0.5 BNB.
  • The 20% surcharge is added: 0.5 BNB * 0.2 = 0.10 BNB.
  • Your final outcome: 1 BNB (initial bet) – 0.60 BNB (loss + surcharge) = 0.40 BNB.

Transparency matters:

  • 20% surcharge: We apply a flat 20% surcharge on all bets, regardless of the outcome. This helps us offer competitive payouts and maintain our platform.
  • Surcharge after multiplier: The surcharge is applied after the multiplier is applied to your winnings.
  • Maximum win capped: The maximum win is capped at 100% of your initial bet amount before the surcharge is applied.