Why choose BetPeekers?
Simply put, by using our service, you can make significant profits by correctly predicting whether a cryptocurrency will go up or down in value. The key advantage we provide is that we multiply the performance by a factor of 20, 100 or even 500 times, greatly increasing your potential earnings.

How do I place a bet?
Placing a bet is super easy! Here’s how you do it:
If you think the Bitcoin (BTC) value in USD will rise, send your desired bet amount as BNB to the “long” address. If you believe the BTC value in USD will fall, send your desired bet amount as BNB to the “short” address.

How many bets can I place?
You can place as many bets as you want. We encourage you to submit lots of bets because it’s easy and doesn’t cost much, usually less than 0.02 USD in transaction fees. Therefore, feel free to place as many bets as you like!

How fast I will get paid?
We strive to pay you as quickly as possible. Since our platform is newly launched, our administrators currently handle the payout process to ensure it runs smoothly. As we continue to optimize our platform and services, our goal is to implement an automatic payout system that will process payouts within seconds after a bet has ended.

What’s the maximum I can win?
While your potential winnings are based on your bet amount and the chosen multiplier (up to 500x), there is a maximum win cap in place. This cap is applied before the 20% surcharge is deducted. Therefore, the maximum payout you can receive is 100% of your initial bet amount. (This effectively limits your potential profit to 80% of your initial bet amount due to the surcharge applied afterwards.)

When to know when to place bets?
To know when to place bets, it’s best to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency you want to speculate on, like Bitcoin (BTC). Watch its performance chart and stay updated with the latest news. When you have a feeling or believe that the coin’s value will go up or down, that’s the right time to make your bets. You can place one or more bets based on your intuition and the information you gather. Trust yourself and make decisions based on what you see and learn.

What rates does BetPeekers use?
BetPeekers gets rates from various services like LiveCoinWatch, Coinmarketcap, and the Binance Smart Chain using what’s known as an API. Keep in mind, the current price of Bitcoin or BNB might differ slightly based on the platform you’re using because prices vary depending on the market source. However, generally, if the price goes up or down, it’ll happen across all markets simultaneously. That’s because arbitrage buyers or sellers quickly minimize any differences in prices.

Do you provide customer support?
Absolutely! We offer round-the-clock customer support services. You can reach us through our Telegram group for live chat assistance or submit a support ticket by accessing the “Contact” menu. We are here to address any needs you may have and answer all of your questions.

What’s the difference between BetPeekers and trading?
The difference between BetPeekers and traditional trading lies in the potential for profits! Traditional trading does not offer the same level of profits as BetPeekers, as we multiply the performance of cryptocurrencies by a factor of 20 or even 500 times. In traditional trading, if you were to engage in leverage trades or margin trades, you could potentially increase your earnings. However, such trades involve borrowing funds from the trading platform, leading to high fees. In contrast, BetPeekers’ system is superior as we multiply the performance of the cryptos rather than relying on borrowed funds. This allows for the possibility of higher profits without the drawbacks of borrowing and excessive fees associated with margin trading.

In traditional trading I need to close my position, how i can exit my bet on BetPeekers?
The bets you place automatically come to an end or “close” after a fixed timeframe, typically around 10 minutes or even 5 minutes. Once a bet is placed, you cannot modify or close it before the timer expires. After the timer ends, the final result will determine whether your guess was correct or incorrect, and it will determine the amount of profit or loss you have made.